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WinRar is a Windows application that is used for archiving and extracting files. It supports the most popular compression formats including ZIP, Z, UUE, TAR, RAR, LZH, ISO, GZip, CAB, BZIP2, ARL, ACE and 7-Zip. Using this program will make the file size smaller allowing users to easily save on drives or send online. Data transferred is also secured as it uses 128 bit encryption, as well as authenticated signature technology. This is a proven and trusted extraction utility program by millions of users. However, even the best program may still encounter issues for some reason. WinRar help can be accessed online for the most common problems encountered when using this application.

Some WinRAR Help for novices

Here are some WinRar troubleshooting tips for some of the problems that users may experience. There are users that get the errors “WinRar no files to extract” and “WinRar next volume is needed” when they try to extract files using WinRAR. If you get the same errors here are some solutions that you can try to fix these concerns. If receiving the first error, instead of dragging and dropping the file, right click on it and select Extract To, then select the location where you want to save it. Another option is by clicking the Extract To icon on the top part of the WinRar window.

“WinRar no files to extract” usually happens when dragging and dropping a file from the archive to a specific location on the computer. The latest version of WinRar allows dragging and dropping of files from the archive. This can be done by opening the archive then dragging and dropping the files inside the archive to the target location. WinRar should decompress these files so they will be viewable on the location chosen. But if the error occurs even when you do the right steps, there is a work around to fix this concern.

For the error message “WinRar next volume is needed”, make sure to download the whole parts of the file and save them in one folder. WinRar can archive files into volumes. This will compress the file into smaller parts making it easier to save, send or download. For instance, if you are downloading a movie that has several archived parts, download all the parts as this is needed when extracting the whole file. It is not possible to extract one part of the file as this will cause the error mentioned. To resolve this concern, download the remaining volumes of the file and save them in one folder together with the first archive saved. Extract them with WinRar once more and the error message should not appear anymore.

If you are continuously getting errors or are experiencing different problems compressing and decompressing files using WinRar, check on the minimum system requirements of the application and make sure that your computer meets them. Sometimes, restarting the computer will do the trick. If problem persists, uninstalling and reinstalling the program may solve the problem. This will eliminate any corrupted files or problems that the application have. Installing a fresh copy of the application should make it work fine