WinRar for Mac

WinRAR for Mac Download

WinRar is a powerful compression and decompression program for Windows. If you have a Mac computer, there is a program for computers running OS X released by RARLab, the same developer for WinRAR, called RAR. This is what is considered WinRar for Mac. Rar for Mac is available for download on the Internet. This is the equivalent of WinRar that can be used by Mac users. Free trial is usually given before you will be asked for a paid subscription. However, once you paid for the full version of the application, the next updates that you will receive will be for free.

Installing Rar for Mac is important as a lot of files and attachments on e-mail and websites are compressed. There are different compression files used for archiving. The good news is that this application for Mac supports different kinds of files so you will be able to decompress and view them even when they were not compressed using Rar or WinRar. Some of the most common compression formats that Rar for Mac supports aside from RAR are 7-Zip, ACE, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, GZip, ISO, LZH, TAR, UUE, Z and ZIP. This means that when you receive or download files with these formats, you can use Rar to decompress them.

Files are being decompressed to make their size smaller and to allow faster download or sending. Furthermore, most e-mail applications have limit when it comes to the size of attachment that users are allowed to send. Since compressing files will make their size smaller, it is possible to send them through e-mail. However, in order to view its content, you need a decompression application to extract the archive. This is what Rar for Mac does. If you do not have this program installed on your computer yet, download and install it on your Mac.

Once done with the installation, you can start using it to decompress archives. The difference between Rar for Mac and WinRar for Windows is that Rar doesn’t have a graphic user interface. It needs to be launched from the terminal, much like the command screen on Windows. If you are not familiar with using this terminal, it may be a bit challenging to use this program for Mac. However, you can always practice the steps so you can get used to the process. Once you were able to familiarize yourself with its use, it will be easier for you to do this.

Here are the steps on how to decompress a file using Rar for Mac:

  1. Download the compressed file and save it on your computer. Since you need to determine the path where you saved the file when you use the terminal, it is recommended that you save it on your desktop. You can move the location to your preferred storage once done with the decompression.
  2. Launch the terminal.
  3. Type CD followed by the location where you saved the compressed file. For instance if you saved it on your desktop type CD Desktop and press enter.
  4. Next, type CD then the name of the folder where the compressed files are saved. For instance if the folder name is RAR24, type CD RAR24 and press enter.
  5. Type ./rar and press enter.
  6. The list of commands will show up. Follow the commands listed depending on what you want to do next.