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Android users have been waiting for a WinRAR Android tool that can help them manage their files, as well as compress and decompress archives on different formats. Finally, AndroZip was made available for Android users. This is the equivalent version of WinRAR for Android. The actual WinRAR on Android is not available as this application is only available for Windows users. However, the features that AndroZip provides are more like the ones that WinRAR for Windows offer. This compression and file management utility was developed by AgileSoft Resource. It allows creation of archives with file formats that include GZIP, TAR and ZIP. It also allows extraction of archive with file formats including BZIP2, TAR, GZIP, RAR and ZIP.

Before AndroZip was released, Android users found it time consuming to manage archived files that they receive through mail or that they download from sites. Since there is no tool to decompress them, they need to transfer the files first to the computer so they can decompress them using the extraction tool installed. Once extraction is complete, the decompressed files can then be transferred back to the device. This is no longer the case as AndroZip makes it more convenient for users to manage their files. As long as the file archive is supported, it can be decompressed on the device. This eliminates the need of transferring the files back and forth the device and computer.

Compressing files to make them smaller so they can be sent via e-mail is also possible. There is no need to transfer the file to the PC for compressing and sending. One of the main features of this application aside from archiving is file management. User can easily organize their files, whether they are music, videos or image files. They can easily move them from one folder to another. Copying, searching and deleting of files is also made easier.

Androzip has a drag and drop feature that allows users to move files to the archive by dragging and dropping. It’s also used for backing up applications installed on the device, as well as for installing new applications. It has task killer that can close running applications that may cause the device to hang or slow down. It also allows management of applications. Another feature that this application offer to its users is its multiple batch operation. Deleting, copying or creating zip files can be done faster and more conveniently with this. If there are files that you need to delete that are on the same folder, there is no need to keep tapping on the delete option several times. Users can tap on the files they want to delete before using the delete function.

It is easy to learn how to use this application as it is user friendly. Even those that are not technically savvy will be able to master to use this utility in no time. This application installed on the SD card of the device. It supports short taps and long taps on menus making it easier to access the different options on the application